Friday, January 29, 2010

Mist - Mist (2009) (LP)


Released on Amethyst Sunset, Mist's debut vinyl release is really something. Fantastic even. Chew on it softly friend. Better still let it rest as Arrowroot melting fine on your unfettered tongue. As ice in a bowl of soup.


Read it... here.

- DD

Mist - Stole Colors (2009) (Cass.)

As promised here is the second release by Mist (Sam Goldberg & John Elliot [Emeralds]). This 2xC10 cassette release (limited run of 150) again comes from the swell chaps at Pizza Wagon. This is slightly different from the first one, perhaps a bit more intricate, but still basically just brilliantly smooth synth drone; warm and wholly hypnotic!
I'll put up the self-titled LP pretty soon but in the meantime enjoy Stole Colors.

Get it now scuzz fugs, or you'll die with regret!

Orrrrrr, you can buy it HERE!!! DO IT!

- DD

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mist - Certain Expansion (2009) (Cass.)

are Sam Goldberg & John Elliot (Emeralds). Released on Pizza Wagon (1 part Pizza Night, 1 part Wagon), Certain Expansion is the first release, a limited run of 100 c20 cassette tapes, by this gorgeous duo. To sum it up nicely; extremely serene and glistening synth drone from the heavens, not dissimilar to Emeralds in ways, but also managing to create it's own identity. I wouldn't pass this up if you're in any way interested in melodic, peaceful drone. I'll be posting their second cassette release and their new vinyl release in the next few days, but I really love this stuff and I hope you enjoy it for the time being.

Now float away you fugly scags! FLOAT!

"... it just felt like two synthesizers oscillating as yr hurtled through zero gravity in an epic, endless somersault. Really beautiful black hole, blind folded centipede leg jams." - Cassette Gods Review

- DD

Monday, January 25, 2010

Minoy - Pretty Young Negro Man (1986) (Cass.)

This is the only release I've heard by Minoy, but it's absolutely amazing and I've been meaning to get more of their stuff for a long long time! Picture Eric Copeland (or Black Dice if you'd prefer) jamming out noise-pop grooves a way back in the 80's. Doth sound fucking good to me! There really isn't too much else to say, I just really love it. It's two tracks, Pretty Young Negro Man followed by Outback, both coming in at just over 30 minutes each. The tracks are muti-layered noise grooves and tape manipulations, and stylistically it's surprisingly undated. Get it and love it sweet babies.

DIG IT - PT1 / PT2

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Thanks be to the great and powerful Mutant Sounds for the original upload.

- DD

Mindflayer - Expedition to the Hairier Peaks (2005)

Imagine Black Pus (literally) and Mayyors hooking up and creating some sort of freak out proto-noise, kraut influenced, drone-punk outfit. That's this in an over exaggerated nutshell. I found it a couple of years ago and I always end up going back to it. Its pounding and unending brutal rhythms rip yr head open from ear to ear, while somehow forging this sort of surreal and ethereal wave of numbness that I find calming. It's strange really. It just bangs and bangs and bangs in your head and you space out. I fucking love it! I'm getting far to wordy with this so I'll just say grab it if yr into things that are loud, things that are fast, things that drone on, or things that just kick balls. Dig it?

DIG IT! PT1 / Pt2

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