Friday, October 29, 2010

Charles Manson - All The Way Alive (2003)

Charles Manson
All The Way Alive (2003, People's Temple Records)

"Aside from The Son Of Man, this would be my favourite Manson album. All The Way Alive features songs from his demo recording session on September 11, 1967. Some of these have been on other releases, but this is everything in one package including some very beautiful folk stuff, some absurdist-utopian free-form rants, and my personal favourite Bet You Think I Care. Dig it freewheelers and demons!" - DD


Nakore said...

Thanks for posting, but Track 9 is missing.

Dead Dog said...

my apologies! i didnt even notice. I would fix it, but my computer just crashed so Im in the fixing process with that right now.

Richard said...

i'm liking it here
and something to not forget, the family jams